Sarah Grace Liu | Founder / Editor in Chief

Sarah is a writer and a book editor living in Rochester, NY, with her husband and three cats in five rooms full of books. Born in New England, the poetic space she inhabits has strong ties to the forests and the sea.  In both her prose and poetry, she is inspired by myth and magic, the human psyche, and the primal. Her favorite poet is Li-Young Lee, but her poet spirit animal is Rilke.

I encourage work that whispers in a dark alley that you shouldn’t be here. That brings you to the intersection of human empathy and discord. But most of all, I encourage work that calls you to life. That sparks you, that speaks to you, that causes your heart to quicken.


Eric C. Wilder | Designer/ Lead Art Editor

Eric is a designer and writer living in Rochester, NY with his wife and two wonderful children.

Rebecca Cina | Lead Prose Editor  

Rebecca was born in New York and raised on the coast of South Florida. She studies creative writing at the College at Brockport and lives in Spencerport, New York.

I’m interested in the wide open American spaces that we live in. I believe through art we find the things that bridge the gaps between us. Stylistically, I encourage both the traditional and the avant-garde.


Meghan Maloney | Lead Poetry Editor

Meghan Maloney is a contributing editor at In The In-Between, Journal of Digital Imaging Artists, and is the self-published author of Searching, a chapbook of poems created entirely from Google search results.  She is looking for niche work in the poetry genre.

If you think you've done something that hasn't been done before, or at least hasn't been done to death, I want to see it.  Have you invented a new poetic form? Can you write a modern slam poem in iambic pentameter, and make me understand why you did? How about a sincere love poem to a piece of carrion or a pile of wet garbage? Let's see your best and weirdest work.


Ashley Wilson | Poetry / Art Editor

A native of San Diego, Ashley Wilson moved to New York for college where she earned her B.S. in Art from the College at Brockport. She is currently enrolled in the graduate program at Brockport for English with a focus on creative writing.

While art does not always need to be beautiful, it should be thoughtful and well-executed. Images can be just as effective as words in conveying thoughts and emotions and should stimulate the viewer to discover what speaks to him/her.

Lisah Jayne Walden | Prose Editor

Previously published in the University of Rochester journal, Logos, Lisah is a mother of two living in Rochester, NY.

I seek work that revamps the horror genre—horror with a purpose instead of horror for horror’s sake.


Jacob Trask | Poetry Editor

A graduate student at The College at Brockport studying Creative Writing.

I like to look for the unexpected in the expected. Pieces that expand the boundaries of emotion and reality. Poetry and prose that take a turn into the surreal oftentimes approach common subjects from an uncommon point of view, and that approach is what I look for in writing.



Shawna is a current graduate student at SUNY Brockport. She plans to pursue a teaching career at the collegiate level once her degree is completed. She loves reading, mostly fiction, and is in the process of polishing up her debut novel. Other than reading obsessively, she spends her days as a maid, chef, dry cleaner, and nurse to her two children. She has just recently become obsessed with LuLaRoe! 

I've always loved the phrase "subtle chaos." That's what grabs my attention in a piece of writing. The whispered threat in your ear or the shadow of expectation that something's amiss.