Have a question? Email us at theamaranthreview@gmail.com, and we will try to answer or update these FAQ and let you know about it.


When is your reading period?

Since we are brand new, we are currently open indefinitely. If you are submitting please check our submissions page to see guidelines for your genre.

When is the first issue going to be released?

We are shooting for July 1.

How often are issues released?

We are shooting for quarterly publication.

Do you publish in print or electronic?

We publish electronically. We will have a pdf and perhaps mobi, epub versions available, and an embedded version on the website. We are looking toward print in the distant future.

Do the issues cost money?

The issues are currently free to read and download.

Can I submit in more than one genre?

Absolutely. The more, the merrier.

Are you affiliated with a college or university?

No. Many of the staff and contributors are students or alumni of SUNY Brockport. However, several are unaffiliated with the college.

Do you pay contributors?

We do not pay contributors (or staff, or anyone) at this time. We realize the issue this creates in the publishing industry. You’ll be paid in exposure! Ugh. Who hasn’t heard that a million times? But this is a grassroots operation, just getting on our feet, and we have no money other than what we have scraped together for web hosting.

We are working on ways to change this, and will post updates if it happens.

Do you publish works written in languages other than English?

We publish works in English only. Submissions of works in translation are always welcome.