The spirit culls Unfaded amaranth, when wild it strays

-Endymion, John Keats

The Amaranth Review: An Origin Story

The Amaranth Review: An Origin Story

The world doesn’t really need another literary journal. They pop up like weeds. Check the listings on Duotrope or Writer’s Market, or any number of databases and you will find thousands of them.

But, over the past few years, I have consistently been stepping into what I want my life to be. Everything that has come to fruition in my life started with a small spark. I can probably trace it all back to when my favorite indie author posted on Facebook that she needed a new editor, and I, having no qualifications at the time, became her editor. It kicked me back into the literary world, and I now realize it called me back to a literary life. I returned to finish my bachelor’s degree and am now in a master’s program.

I want to inhabit the world of literature in every way possible. I want to find new voices and share them. There are so many poems and stories out there that need to be seen. I want us to matter. I’m optimistic. We can be that spark for someone, whether in reading a story or a poem that inspires them, or in publishing them for the first time.

So why The Amaranth Review?

It’s quite simply really. We wanted to.

Here is the Facebook post from a little over two weeks ago.

Recently I've been submitting my work places and finding so many successful journals that have really simple origin stories—one person deciding they wanted to start something. I'm thinking of creating some kind of at first, and then hopefully print if it grows large enough. But I'd need people to help in the project. Perhaps get a poetry editor, a prose editor, a web designer, etc. Does anyone have any interest in this kind of thing? If so I can start a FB group where we can talk about it some more.

The response was overwhelming, and the result is what you see here around you: The Amaranth Review.

Amaranth is considered a weed, and in a way, we are a newly popping up weed among the many literary journals out there. But the amaranth is also a mythical flower, an unfading flower. It is my hope that we may embody both. I’m optimistic.

So, look around, we’re quite brand new. And please, submit, submit, submit!!

If Pain Makes for Good Art, Why Am I Not Knee-Deep in Novels?

If Pain Makes for Good Art, Why Am I Not Knee-Deep in Novels?