The Amaranth Review is a new online literary magazine with ambitions to eventually venture into print. We seek poetry, prose, and art that inhabits the entangled spaces of dark and light, and the tension that manifests in those spaces. We want to promote difficult subject matter. There is beauty and rage in darkness, in decay, mental illness, loss, violence, death. Through the written word we explore the difficulties in life, but we also celebrate its rhythms and vibrance. We care for ourselves and love ourselves by reaching out through literature. Though we don’t want to censor our inner darkness, we also want to always make room for light. We equate the mythical Amaranth, the unfading flower, with the work that lives in the spaces that juxtaposition creates.

We are currently seeking submissions for our inaugural issue. Please see our submission guidelines. We are committed to publishing debut and emerging writers and writers with diverse voices.

We are a ragtag group of students, writers, poets, and artists doing this out of our hearts and pockets. We have goals that need money to make them happen including continuing to pay for this website, eventually being able to pay contributors, and producing print issues or anthologies. If you feel so inclined to support this project, you can donate via Paypal below.